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Reviews 2003
A History of Israel
Parting the Desert – The Creation of the Suez Canal by Zachary Karabell

The Martin Buber Reader – Essential Writings edited by Asher D Biemann

Reviews 2004
A History of Britain, Volume 3 – The Fate of Empire 1776-2000 by Simon Schama
Athens – A History – From Ancient Ideal to Modern City by Robin Waterfield
Berlin The Downfall 1945 by Antony Beevor
COMRADES – The Rise and Fall of World Communism by Robert Harvey-John Murray 2003
D-Day – The Greatest Invasion - A People’s History by Dan Van Der Vat- Bloomsbury 2004
Empires of the Plain – Henry Rawlinson and the Lost languages of Babylon
History in Quotations – Reflecting 5000 Years of World History by M J Cohen and John Major
Persia in the Great Game – Sir Percy Sykes, Explorer, Consul, Soldier, Spy by Antony Wynn
Revolution Day – The Human Story of the Battle for Iraq by Rageh Omaar-Viking Penguin 2004
Rising ’44 by Norman Davies-Macmillan 2003
Rubicon – The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic by Tom Holland-Little, Brown 2003
Salonica City of Ghosts – Christians, Muslims and Jews 1430-1950 by Mark Mazower
Shalom Ireland – A Social History of the Jews in Modern Ireland by Ray Rivlin
Six Days of War
Sowing the Wind – The Seeds of Conflict in the Middle East by John Keay - John Murray 2003
Stalin – The Court of the Red Tsar by Simon Sebag Montefiore - Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2003
Stalin’s Last Crime–The Doctors’ Plot by Jonathan Brent and Vladimir P Naumov
The Alhambra by Robert Irwin - Profile Books 2004
The Buddha and the Sahibs – The Men Who Discovered India’s Lost Religion by Charles Allen
The Burning Tigris – The Armenian Genocide by Peter Balakian - William Heinemann 2004
The Coming of the Third Reich
The Far-Farers – A Journey from Viking Iceland to Crusader Jerusalem by Victoria Clark
The First Crusade – A New History by Thomas Asbridge - The Free Press 2004
The Fourth Crusade and the Sack of Constantinople by Jonathan Phillips - Jonathan Cape 2004
The Mughal Throne – The Saga of India’s Great Emperors by Abraham Eraly
The Palgrave Concise Historical Atlas of the Second World War by Martin H Folly
The Peloponnesian War – Athens and Sparta in Savage Conflict 431-404 BC - by Donald Kagan
The Pity of it All – A Portrait of Jews in Germany 1743-1933 by Amos Elon
The Temple of Jerusalem by Simon Goldhill - Profile Books Ltd 2004
Tibet, Tibet – A Personal History of a Lost Land by Patrick French- Harper Collins 2003
Wellington’s Smallest Victory – The Duke, the Model Maker and the Secret of Waterloo by Peter Hofschröer
What Might Have Been

Reviews 2005
Persian Fire–The First World Empire and the Battle for the West by Tom Holland
The Colosseum by Keith Hopkins and Mary Beard - Profile Books 2005
The Court of the Caliphs – The Rise and Fall of Islam’s Greatest Dynasty by Hugh Kennedy
The Fall of the Roman Empire – A new history – by Peter Heather - Macmillan 2005
The Search for Nefertiti by Joann Fletcher - Hodder and Stoughton 2004
The White Cities – Reports from France 1925-1939 by Joseph Roth Translated and Introduced by Michael Hoffmann
Together We Stand

Reviews 2006
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples Since 1900 by Andrew Roberts
A Royal Affair – George III and His Troublesome Siblings by Stella Tillyard
A Short History of Myth etc
A Writer at War
An Imperial Possession by David Mattingly
An Irish History of Civilisation – volume one by Don Akenson-Granta 2005
An Irish History of Civilization – Volume Two by Don Akenson-Granta 2006
Berlin Games How Hitler Stole the Olympic Dream by Guy Walters
Blitz – The Story of 29th December 1940 by M J Gaskin - Faber and Faber 2005
Caesar by Adrian Goldsworthy Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2006
City of Oranges – Arabs and Jews in Jaffa by Adam LeBor - Bloomsbury 2006
England The Autobiography
Germany – Jekyll and Hyde – an eyewitness analysis of Nazi Germany by Sebastian Haffner
Light Dragoons The Making of a Regiment by Allan Mallinson
Men of Honour by Adam Nicolson
Rough Crossings – Britain, The Slaves and the American Revolution by Simon Schama
Sahib – The British Soldier in India by Richard Holmes - Harper Collins 2005
Somme The Heroism and Horror of War by Martin Gilbert
The Assassins’ Gate – America in Iraq by George Packer-Faber and Faber 2006
The Battle for Spain The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 by Antony Beevor
The Classical World – An Epic History from Homer to Hadrian by Robin Lane Fox
The Conquest of Nature – Water, Landscape and the Making of Modern Germany by David Blackbourn
The First Ever English Olimpick Games by Celia Haddon - Hodder and Stoughton 2005
The Great Transformation by Karen Armstrong
The Great Wall – China against the World – 1000 BC-AD 2000 by Julia Lovell
The Great War for Civilisation, The Conquest of the Middle East by Robert Fisk-4th Estate 2005
The Hitler Book
The Other Side of Israel – My journey across the Jewish-Arab divide by Susan Nathan
Xenophon’s Retreat Greece Persia and the End of the Golden Age by Robin Waterfield

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Reviews 2007
1967- Israel the War and the Year that Transformed the Middle East by Tom Segev. Little Brown 2007
City of the Sharp-Nosed Fish– Greek Lives in Roman Egypt by Peter Parsons
Inferno-The Devastation of Hamburg 1943 by Keith Lowe
Inquisition - The Reign of Fear by Toby Green Macmillan 2007
People of the book – The Forgotten History of Islam and the West by Zachary Karabell
Solomon's Temple - Myth and History by William J.Hamblin and David Rolph Seely. Thames and Hudson 2007
Thames - Sacred River by Peter Ackroyd.Chatto and Windus 2007
That Neutral Island - A Cultural History of Ireland During the Second World War by Clair Wills
The Berlin Wall 13th August 1961-9th November 1989 by Frederick Taylor
The Great Arab Conquests - How the spread of Islam changed the world we live in by Hugh Kennedy. Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2007
The Khyber Pass - A History of Empire and Invasion by Paddy Docherty

Reviews 2008
1948 The First Arab Israeli War by Benny Morris.Yale UniversityPress 2008
Churchill's Wizards - The British Genius for Deception 1914-1945 by Nicholas Rankin. Faber & faber 2008
God’s Executioner – Oliver Cromwell and the Conquest of Ireland by Micheal OSiochru. faber and faber 2008.
Pompeii – The Life of a Roman Town by Mary Beard. Profile Books 2008
Résistance - Memories of Occupied France by Agnes Humbert. Bloomsbury 2008
Shots from the Front - The British Soldier 1914 -1918by Robert Holmes. Harper Collins 2008
Storm and Conquest -The Battle for the Indian Ocean1809 by Stephen Taylor. Faber and Faber 2007
The Second Crusade - Extending the Frontiers of Christendom by Jonathan Phillips.Yale University Press 2008
White King and Red Queen – How the Cold War was fought on the Chessboard by Daniel Johnson. Atlantic Books 2008

Reviews 2009
A Choice of Enemies – America Confronts the Middle East by Lawrence Freedman. Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2008.
Admirals – The Naval Commanders Who Made Britain Great by Andrew Lambert. faber and faber 2008.
Countdown to Valkyrie – The July Plot to Assassinate Hitler by Nigel Jones. Frontline Books 2008.
Liberation – The Bitter Road to Freedom, Europe 1944-1945 by William I. Hitchcock. faber and faber 2009.
Major Farran’s Hat–Murder,Scandal and Britain’s War against Jewish Terrorism 1945-1948 by David Cesarani.William Heinemann 2009.
Millennium – The End of the World and the Forging of Christianity by Tom Holland.  Little, Brown 2008.
One State, Two States – Resolving the Israel/Palestine Conflict by Benny Morris. Yale University Press 2009.
Say Goodbye to the Cuckoo by Michael McCarthy.  John Murray 2009.
The Last Crusaders – The Hundred Year Battle for the Centre of the World by Barnaby Rogerson.  Little Brown 2009.
The Storm of War – A New History of the Second World War by Andrew Roberts.  Allen Lane 2009.

Reviews 2010
A Short History of the Jews by Michael Brenner. Princeton University Press 2010.
Holy Warriors – A Modern History of the Crusades by Jonathan Phillips.  Bodley Head 2009.
Joseph in Egypt – A Cultural Icon from Grotius to Goethe by Bernhard Lang. Yale University Press 2009.
Muhammad and the Believers at the Origins of Islam by Fred M Donnor. Belknap Harvard 2010
Operation Mincemeat – The true spy story that changed the course of World War II by Ben Macintyre.  Bloomsbury 2010.
The Hare with Amber Eyes-A Hidden Inheritance by Edmund De Waal.Chatto and Windus 2010.
The Life of Glückel of Hameln – Written by Herself. Translated from the original Yiddish and edited by Beth-Zion Abrahams. JPS 2010.
The Ninth - Beethoven and the World in 1824 by Harvey Sachs. faber & faber 2010
The Parthenon by Mary Beard. Profile Books Ltd., 2010.
The Poison King -The Life and Legend of Mithradates Rome,s Deadliest Enemy by Adrienne Mayor Princeton University Press 2010
The Reluctant Mullah by Sagheer Afzal. Halban Publishers Ltd 2010.
The SS - A New History by Adrian Weale. Little, Brown 2010
The Triumph of Military Zionism – Nationalism and the Origins of the Israeli Right by Colin Shindler.  I.B. Tauris 2010.

Reviews 2011
Antony and Cleopatra by Adrian Goldsworthy.Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2010.
Death and Redemption – The Gulag and the Shaping of Soviet Society byStephen A. Barnes. Princeton University Press 2011.
Edge of Empires:Pagans,Jews and Christians at Roman Dura-Europos.Edited by JenniferY.Chi and Sebastian Heath.Princeton University Press 2011
Moscow December 25 1991: The Last Day of the Soviet Union by Conor O’Clery. Transworld Ireland 2011.
Spanish Gold – Captain Woodes Rogers and The Pirates of the Caribbean by David Cordingly. Bloomsbury 2011.
The Balfour Declaration – The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Jonathan Schneer.Bloomsbury Publishing 2010.
The Long Road Home – The Aftermath of the Second World War by Ben Shephard. Bodley Head 2010.
The Popes - A History by John Julius Norwich.Chatto and Windus 2011
The Religious Enlightenment–Protestants,Jews and Catholics from London to Vienna by David Sorkin.Princeton University Press 2008.
The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt–The History of a Civilisation from 3000BC to Cleopatra byToby Wilkinson.Bloomsbury Publishing 2010.
Tommy’s Ark – Soldiers and their Animals in the Great War by Richard Van Emden. Bloomsbury Publishing plc., 2010.
Zulu Rising – The Epic Story of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift by Ian Knight.Sidgwick and Jackson 2010.

Reviews 2012
Leningrad: Tragedy of a City Under Siege, 1941-44 by Anna Reid. Bloomsbury 2011
The Dreyfus Affair:The Story of the Most Infamous Miscarriage ofJustice in French Histor-Piers Paul Read.Bloomsbury, 2012.
The Twelve Caesars by Matthew Dennison.Atlantic Books 2012.

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