by Dr. Charles Middleburgh

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Reviews 2011
Afghanistan: How the West Lost its Way by Tim Bird and Alex Marshall. Yale University Press, 2011
Perilous Glory – The Rise of Western Military Power by John France. Yale University Press, 2011
Losing Small Wars – British Military Failure in Iraq and Afghanistan by Frank Ledwidge. Yale University Press, 2011

Reviews 2012
Point Man: The Most Dangerous Job in the World – but the Hardest Part is Coming Home by Mark Townsend.faber and faber 2012.
Wellingtons Wars: The Making of a Military Genius by Huw J.Davies. Yale University Press, 2012.

Reviews 2013
Rückzug: The German Retreat from France, 1944 by Joachim Ludewig,edited by Major General David T. Zabecki.University Press of Kentucky 2012.
Secrets of the Conqueror: The Untold Story of Britain’s Most Famous Submarine by Stuart Prebble.faber and faber 2012
Twelve Turning Points of the Second World War by P.M.H. Bell.Yale University Press 2011.

Reviews 2014
Thank You for Your Service by David Finkel - Scribe Publications 2013