natural history
by Dr. Charles Middleburgh

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Reviews 2003
A Sheltered LifeThe Unexpected History of the Giant Tortoise by Paul Chambers

Reviews 2004
Love, War and CircusesThe Age-Old Relationship between Elephants and Humans by Eric SciglianoBloomsbury 2004
Monster of GodThe Man-Eating Predator in the Jungles of History and the Mind by David QuammenHutchinson 2004
Zohar Annotated and Explained

Reviews 2005
The Bedside Book of Birds An Avian Miscellany edited by Graeme Gibson-Bloomsbury 2005
Tigers in Red Weather by Ruth Padel

Reviews 2006
Animals in Translation By Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson
Birds Britannica by Mark Cocker and Richard Mabey-Chatto and Windus 2005

Reviews 2007
Bee by Claire Preston
Crow Country by Mark Cocker. Jonathan Cape 2007
Peacock by Christine E Jackson
Saving Planet Earth by Tony Juniper
The Kiwis Egg Charles Darwin and Natural Selection by David Quammen

Reviews 2008
Bearded Tit – A Love story with feathers by Rory McGrath. Ebury Press 2008
Corvus – A Life with Birds by Esther Woolfson. Granta 2008.
The Last Fish Tale – The Fate of the Atlantic and Our Disappearing Fisheries by Mark Kurlansky. Jonathan Cape 2008.

Reviews 2009
Darwin’s Island – The Galapagos in the Garden of England by Steve Jones. Little Brown 2009.

Reviews 2010
The Circumference of Home – One Man’s Yearlong Quest for a Radically Local Life by Kurt Hoelting. Da Capo Press 2010.
The Jaguar’s Shadow – Searching for a Mythic Cat by Richard Mahler. Yale University Press 2009.

Reviews 2011
Field Notes on Science and Nature, edited by Michael R. Canfield, foreword by E.O. Wilson. Harvard University Press 2011.
Ice Bear – A Natural and Unnatural History of the Polar Bear by Kieran Mulvaney.Hutchinson 2011.
Nature Crime – How we’re getting conservation wrong by Rosaleen Duffy.Yale University Press 2010.
The Way of the Panda – The Curious History of China’s Political Anima lby Henry Nicholls.Profile Books 2010.

Reviews 2012
Bird Sense: What It’s Like to Be a Bird by Tim Birkhead with illustrations by Katrina van Grouw.Bloomsbury, 2012.
Survivors: The Animals and Plants that Time Has Left Behind byRichard Fortey. Harper Press 2011.

Reviews 2014
Alex & Me by Irene M. Pepperberg - Scribe Publications Pty Ltd, 2013
Animal Kingdoms:Hunting,the Environment,and Power in the Indian Princely States by Julie E.Hughes.Harvard Univ.Press 2013.

Mariposa Road: The First Big Butterfly Year by Robert Michael Pyle - Yale University Press 2013
The Accidental Species: Misunderstandings of Human Evolution by Henry Gee - The University of Chicago Press, 2013
The Princeton Guide to Evolution, Editor in Chief Jonathan B. Losos = Princeton University Press
The Secret World of Red Wolves: The Fight to Save North America’s Other Wolf by T. Delene Beeland - The University of North Carolina Press, 2013
The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert - Bloomsbury Publishing plc., 2014.


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